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CBT Therapy – Video explains what to expect and how much it costs

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Alex Drummond talks about counselling and CBT Therapy

0:03 Hi -I’m Alex Drummond and I’m going to say a little bit about how counselling and specifically Cognitive behavioural therapy can help you. 0:11

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? (CBT Therapy)

0:14 Counselling offers a space for you to talk through and explain your situation to a professional who is trained to listen carefully for the clues that will help you make sense of your emotional distress. 0:23 CBT therapy in particular is effective because as a CBT therapist my training is specifically focused on working with you to understand why you feel the way you do and then to help you develop the tools and insights and strategies so that you can return to emotional well-being. 0:38

How much does CBT therapy cost?

0:41 Counselling can cost less than you think and Cognitive behavioural therapy in particular is a really cost effective model, to help you return to emotional health quickly. Obviously how much therapy an individual needs depends on a whole host of factors but ya know many people take significant benefit from as few as five or six sessions. When you consider that a service on the car or replacing a washing machine can easily set you back at least £250 -and you’d find the money for that, I’d put to you – isn’t your emotional health worth at least the same? 1:08

How do I book a session of CBT Therapy

? 1:11 When you are ready to book a session you’ll find my contact details on the website. I do this work full time so can normally offer you a first appointment within seven days of your call- obviously, as existing clients get better and leave, then slots becoming available so I can offer daytime and evening appointments to fit around your work commitments and individual needs. 1:30 You’ll find loads of useful information and resources on the website – so please take time to have a look, and when you are ready to book a session then just give me a call. 1:38 www.talkmebetter.com  
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